TrustChain is funding 13 projects to build the Next Generation Internet!

Meet the teams that will define, upgrade/extend the state-of-the-art in the decentralized digital identity arena to achieve a more human-centric and trustworthy internet.

As the result of the Open Call #1, 13 teams were selected based on their ideas, knowledge, skills and growth vision and plan among the 100 applicants from 29 countries! In order to complete the challenging task of reviewing the applications, a group of 41 external experts worked as evaluators with the TrustChain consortium.


And the selected projects are…

TrustChain Open Call 1 was open for a period of two months looking for the right tieams to contribute to the next generation of internet. We selected the projects covering various domains. The projects selected to this first cohort are:

  1. DidRoom
  3. MUSAP project
  4. TREVO
  5. Orchestral
  6. The Social Wallet
  7. DID4EU
  8. IM4DEC
  9. WIDE
  11. EVI: Electric Vehicle Identity
  12. IS-CIS
  13. PRIVÈ
What’s next for the selected teams?

TrustChain will support the selected teams through a 9-months programme, granting the participants up to € 1 755 000 (equity-free funding), free coaching and free access to top infrastructure. While the access to the infrastructure and money prize are pretty straightforward, TrustChain coordinator, Caroline Barelle underlines the value of the coaching process and the importance of introducing it to any programme of this sort:

To ensure an adequate integration of the technologies/solutions proposed by our selected Web3 innovators into this TRUSTCHAIN ecosystem, coaching will be essential. This will be the means to achieve our common goal. Moreover for developing such an ecosystem, cross cut aspects such as user centric design, legal and regulatory trends, business modelling, standardisation, communication are to be considered that are not always « by default » skills possessed by our innovators. So, they will be coached by recognised experts in different areas so they unlock the full potential of the solution they proposed.” – Caroline Barelle, TrustChain Coordinator.

During their participation, all the OC #1 winners are required to produce the proof of their work and progress in form of the following deliverables:

  • D1: State of the art overview, use case analysis and preliminary technical specification of the solution. The document should clearly specify how the proposed solution extends and/or upgrades the state-of-the-art;
  • D2: Detailed technical specification of the solution, software implementation work plan, demo scenarios, the number of end users that will be involved in any pilots, and preliminary business plan;
  • D3: Implementation, deployment in an appropriate TRUSTCHAIN platform, testing, demonstration and validation roadmap in a real-life application (i.e., banking, education, healthcare, utilities, defence or cross-border travel), and result of the validation process; and,
  • D4: Modularised software components ready for distribution, full documentation for developers/users, final business plan.

TrustChain consortium thanks to all the applicants of the Open Call #1! Stay tuned, as the Open Call #2 is to be announced soon and this might be your chance to join the project!

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