Fostering a Human-Centred,
Trustworthy and
Sustainable Internet

TrustChain supports innovators to develop
the Next Generation Internet protocols

Up to ~8,8 millions € funding, mentoring
and access to top infrastructure


Empower citizens, civil society
and organizations to better
govern their online data thanks
to a human-centric approach

Ensure individuals self-sovereign
identity and virtual identity management

Ensure data privacy and
resilience with secure and
trustworthy data pathways

Ensure trust on the Internet
and empowering citizen
with online democratic
organisation and mechanisms

Develop new business and
sustainable models for data sharing and online services exchange based on decentralised technologies and open source

Ensure greenness and
energy efficiency of the
TrustChain ecosystem
of decentralised software

17 projects get up to 117k €

Today online user platforms and websites face significant security and privacy challenges that make them untrustworthy. With huge amounts of online data collected about users' activity and choices, later to only share them with numerous third parties, the user is left with little to no choice to maintain online privacy if they want to use online services. Online user privacy and data governance face numerous challenges in today's digital landscape.

TrustChain aims to set up an External Poll of Evaluators to support the review process of the proposals received from Open call #2 – User Privacy and Data Governance. The External Poll of Evaluators gathers a set of recognized independent experts highly knowledgeable on different NGI relevant topics and application domains at the intersection between the technical field, the Social sciences and Humanities as well as any others including economics, environment, art, design, which can contribute to NGI TrustChain relevant vision.

Call for Expression of Interest for experts is open from 03 August 2023 until 08 September 2023 (17:00 CEST)


Equity Free

Up to EUR 117.000 per sub-grantee

Mentoring & Coaching

Access to various multidisciplinary expertise and webinars;
Support for scaling up innovative business and/or service models

Visibility & Promotion

Promotion of project/ achievements towards TrustChain community


Access to a wider NGI community;
Opportunities to setup new research and cross-collaboration projects;
Presence in top EU events related with blockchain;
Matchmaking service between innovators, connections with some accelerators and/or venture capitalists for the ones who end up implementing the solutions.


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