IS-CIS /ConInSe : Consensual innate sequential tokenised consent

ConInSe is an innovative solution designed to empower users and ensure privacy-centric data management. Designed upon Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) and Domain-Driven Design (DDD) principles, the framework offers a robust and scalable approach to managing consent in a distributed and asynchronous manner. By adopting an event-driven approach, the framework enables loose coupling between components, ensuring flexibility and scalability as the system evolves while, at the same time, concurrent consent actions can scale effectively in a responsive and efficient manner. Consent-related actions, such as granting or revoking consent, are captured as domain-centric events within the system, reflecting the key entities and interactions involved in consent management.

By placing individuals at the centre of the consent management process, the architecture embraces a user-centric design philosophy. With tokenization, users’ consent preferences are represented by unique digital tokens, which are securely stored and managed within the framework. This approach empowers users to granularly manage their data sharing choices while maintaining privacy and control. To ensure reliability and trust-ability, the framework leverages Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). The immutable and decentralized nature of DLT ensures that consent-related events and transactions are securely recorded on a shared ledger, while, due to the nature of the cryptographic techniques that embody these technologies, transparency, accountability, and auditability are enhanced within the consent lifecycle, protecting the integrity and confidentiality on the overall process. By combining the strengths of Event-Driven Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, and DLT technologies, ConInSe offers a robust and user-centric solution, providing the foundation for privacy-focused consent management while leveraging asynchrony and DLT to enhance trust, reliability, and scalability in the management of individuals’ consent preferences and data sharing choices.


Daniel Field

Daniel Field is a global blockchain practice leader with 25 years of experience in research, innovation, and market analyst areas.

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Joaquín Precioso Sánchez is the Blockchain Solutions Architect with 20 years of experience in software sector.

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Astor Ayllón Lázaro is an Enterprise & Solutions Architect with 20 years of experience in the IT (Information Technology) sector.


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