WIDE : Web3 Identity Integration for DAOs and Education

WIDE aims at creating the technological means to bridge Decentralized Identity (DID) between the trusted identity frameworks and Web3 for to increase data availability for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on public-permissionless distributed ledger technologies (DLT). The WIDE bridge is use-case agnostic but has the goal of enhancing credential access for organisations domiciled in Web3 and protecting individuals’ data privacy rights at its heart.

WIDE combines existing technologies from traditional finance and the cryptocurrency sector with innovative DID concepts. It features a novel architecture that preserves privacy and user control, while freeing users from the responsibility of managing their data directly. Our DID bridging client relies on existing wallet solutions to empower DAOs to access user data without the need for custom integrations with individual identity solutions.


Joshua Ellul

Prof. Joshua Ellul is the director of the Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies and an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Malta which runs a multidisciplinary Masters in Blockchain and DLT taking in students having backgrounds in law, business, finance, economics, management, ICT and computer science. .

Matthew Scerri

Matthew Scerri is Technology consultant and Software Developer with over 10 years of experience in the emerging technology space, including DLT.

Victoria Kozlova

Victoria Kozlova is UI/UX designer and researcher with background in sociology and linguistics, currently conducting research on underrepresented groups in blockchains.

Ben Biedermann

Ben Biedermann is an expert on decentralised identity and DAO contributor, who focuses on aspects of smallness. He currently reads for a PhD at the University of Malta and is the Project Owner of WIDE.


L’Università ta’ Malta

The University of Malta has been, over its 400-year history, the hub for international academic exchange in Malta. More recently, it set up the Centre for DLT, which brings together academics from various disciplines to both provide educational offerings as well as undertake interdisciplinary research on Blockchain and DLT.

Website: www.um.edu.mt/dlt

acurraent UG

acurraent is a European innovation agency. It supports small and medium sized enterprises to re-structure, digitalise and expand. acurraent specialises in UX/UI, Web3 research and has experience in the digital identity and compliance sector.

Website: www.acurraent.com