DidRoom DidRoom is an open-source multiplatform and multifunctional Identity DID/SSI wallet, compliant with the W3C-DID and W3C-VC standards and with the current “The European Digital Identity Wallet Architecture and Reference Framework” (EUDI – ARF, version 1.0.0 from January 2023) which is the technical core of the eIDAS 2.0 regulation. DidRoom will also have advanced cryptographic […]


CreatorCredentials CreatorCredentials will develop a user-centric digital identity management framework specifically designed for the cultural and creative communities. This includes a software application that can be used by media organisations to issue verifiable credentials to creators and other rightsholders. CreatorCredentials will increase the trustworthiness of declarations and claims to digital media content online. The app […]


MUSAP Project The MUSAP project aims to develop a new software interface called Unified Signature Application Programming Interface (USAPI) Library. The interface provides a consistent and flexible way for applications to request either low, substantial or high LoA signatures, regardless of the SSCD technology or location of the private key. Website: www.methics.fi/musap Motivation for the […]


TREVO: Trusted e-Voting Voting systems have evolved during the last hundreds of years to become more sophisticated and complex, starting from paper-based ballots up to electronic voting machines and internet voting which have been introduced as new voting technologies. However, electronic-based methods have raised concerns about security and the potential for tampering results, manipulation or […]


Orchestral A group of ethical internet activists, members of the Pangea.org organisation, are co-developing an identity management system for marginalised and internet activist communities. The system is built by mature communities with their internet infrastructure and services organised as a commons. They want to self-manage their digital content and circular digital devices. The system should […]

The Social Wallet

The Social Wallet We’re rapidly moving into a digital-first world, which requires a different set of skills. That creates a real risk that certain groups of people will be left behind. Those with weaker socio-economic backgrounds, in vulnerable personal circumstances – old, sick, incapacitated, homeless – or are already marginalized, like certain minorities, refugees, or […]


DID4EU : Decentralized Identity Infrastructure for Europe DID4EU stands for Decentralized Identity Infrastructure for Europe. This project extends walt.id’s existing open source infrastructure. Motivation for the project: The proposed project will result in holistic open source decentralized identity tools for developers and organizations. Moreover, the tools are aligned with emerging EU regulations like eIDAS2. Generic […]


IM4DEC : Identity Management for the Digital Emergency Call UN convention Article 9 requires countries to take measures for the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities, including access to communication and information services. Despite this, there are still about 1 million deaf and hard of hearing persons in Europe who currently rely on […]


WIDE : Web3 Identity Integration for DAOs and Education WIDE aims at creating the technological means to bridge Decentralized Identity (DID) between the trusted identity frameworks and Web3 for to increase data availability for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on public-permissionless distributed ledger technologies (DLT). The WIDE bridge is use-case agnostic but has the goal of enhancing […]


Client-managed secret mode for DIDs Creation and management of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), while keeping cryptographic keys at the edge. In this project, we improve the Universal Registrar tool, which is a well-known open-source project at the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF). Parallel to the Universal Resolver (which allows resolution of DIDs), the Universal Registrar allows creation […]