TrustChain at EMPODERA Live Event!

The winners of two TrustChain open calls gave a joint presentation at EmpoderaLIVE 2024, outlining how TrustChain has enabled them to develop high-impact projects that protect data safety. The speakers shared with the hundreds of in-person and online participants the benefits of TrustChain for the development of their projects.

Christos Sekas, founder of Ctrl+Space Development, presented the Proven AI project, which is creating an AI tool based on data traceability and fair compensation models that recognise and adequately compensate the intellectual input of its contributors. Sekas explained that this tool would have a positive educational impact, as tutors would feel empowered to use this tool to provide their students with additional support. Learn more about Proven AI here.

Anastassios Manos, CEO of DOTSOFT, introduced the AURORA MINDS project, which analyses data from children interacting with videogames to assess the likelihood of an ADHD diagnosis. Manos explained that over 500 families have used the tool so far. Find more information about how the project is being developed here.

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