ProvenAI is at the forefront of reshaping AI collaboration and knowledge management with a visionary approach. Rooted in the belief that contributors deserve control and recognition for their intellectual contributions, the project introduces groundbreaking features focused on contribution, traceability, and data control.

Central to ProvenAI’s mission is the development of modularized software components that redefine how contributors interact with AI systems. The project pioneers decentralised identities, ensuring secure and personalised attribution for every contribution. This not only safeguards contributors’ intellectual property but also provides them with a sense of ownership and control over their knowledge data. Innovative traceability features, leveraging blockchain technology and Merkle trees, set ProvenAI apart in the AI landscape.

Contributors can now trace the journey of their contributions within AI-generated answers, introducing unprecedented transparency. By adapting the International Standard Content Code (ISCC) to tag specific sub-sections of documents, ProvenAI ensures granular yet cohesive traceability, a revolutionary stride away from traditional

The heart of ProvenAI lies in fair compensation models, where contributors are recognized and rewarded for their impact. Tokenized metrics provide a standardised and replicable approach to compensating contributors, fostering a circular economy of knowledge creation. This approach not only motivates contributors but also enhances the quality of AI-generated content. Incorporating Next-Generation Internet (NGI) technologies, such as self sovereign identity (SSI), ProvenAI integrates cutting- edge solutions for semantic search and credential management.

ProvenAI envisions a future where contributors have the tools and transparency they need to shape the trajectory of AI knowledge collaboratively.


Christos Sekas

Software Development Engineer, the founder of Ctrl+Space Development LP, has worked as Head of Development and Software Architect, leading multiple teams, and has contributed to a variety of Enterprise Software projects leading Cloud Native Transformation, Industrial IoT SaaS platform, Technology Company M&A etc.

Nadia Siokou

Integrated Masters Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning and a Master’s Degree in Architectural Theory: Design- Space- Culture, while having a vast experience in implementing and managing projects focusing in community engagement and participatory design processes.

Giannis Yfantides

Fullstack Software Engineer, with experience in GenAI developments systems and is currently involved in integrating SSI technologies and AI models into to Software platforms .

Vasilis Tsolis

DPO of the ProvenAI project. With a dual background in law and engineering, Vasilis has worked in dispute resolution, contract, compliance, commercial and procurement management for multiple sectors.


Ctrl+Development LP

Ctrl+Space Development is a tech start- up aiming to accelerate cutting-edge technology adoption by creating tools for businesses and training modules to upskill IT-professionals.