TrustChain at IEEE Blockchain 2024

call for papers

Calling for papers! We accept a
small number of papers (around 8 at most) for oral presentations and have thematic panel sessions to discuss emerging socio-technical and policy issues at TrustChain 1st International Workshop on Fostering a Human-Centered, Trustworthy and Sustainable Internet Workshop


SURE SURE (Synthetic Data: Utility, Regulatory compliance, and Ethical privacy) is spearheaded by Clearbox AI, aimed at addressing AI’s privacy challenges by developing an open-source library for auditing  and improving the privacy and utility of synthetic data. SURE targets the financial and healthcare sectors, providing them with tools to manage data privacy without compromising on […]


ProvenAI ProvenAI is at the forefront of reshaping AI collaboration and knowledge management with a visionary approach. Rooted in the belief that contributors deserve control and recognition for their intellectual contributions, the project introduces groundbreaking features focused on contribution, traceability, and data control. Central to ProvenAI’s mission is the development of modularized software components that […]


PECS People’s privacy control over the personal data that they generate and consume while they drive modern cars is extremely weak at present. There is historical as well as recent evidence that car brands harvest a variety of personal data from drivers and, arguably, full compliance of their processing with the European General Data Protection […]


OIDC-PRINCE The OIDC PRINCE project aims to enhance the privacy support in user consents used in OpenID Connect  authentication and authorization processes. Nowadays the consent to access the claims about end-user and authentication events (e.g., gender, birthdate, phone number), may have associated privacy issues. Users need to be informed regarding the potential risk of providing […]


NG-SC NG-SC is a protocol that focuses on providing user privacy while incentifying users to share existing sensor data. A decentralized market is put in place to provide financial incentives for users contributing existing data in order to avoid the high infrastructural investments commonly needed to operate a smart city. Motivation for the project: Sensor […]


MorphMetro MorphMetro aims to create an open-source solution for secure data exchange and analysis in quality assurance across various industries. The project focuses on developing a system for the secure, privacy-preserving transfer and analysis of measured data, utilizing emerging technologies and standards, like homomorphic encryption, European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI) and Alastria blockchain. The project […]


LED-UP The LED-UP project introduces a solution designed to enhance privacy, security, and user control over personal data in the digital space. By integrating state-of-the-art decentralised technologies, including decentralised digital identities and advanced encryption methods, LED-UP aims to establish a new standard for data governance and privacy protection. Central to the project’s philosophy is empowering […]


GUEDHS The GUEDHS project will underscore the significance of collaborative European health initiatives and data-sharing frameworks, particularly those advocated by the European Health Data Space (EHDS). Promptly will bring a federated learning framework, while Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) will adapt a cybersecurity tool, for fast deployment of a Federated Network in action. This solution will enable data […]


eIdcmp The eIDAS compliant issuer platform enables professional associations to issue and manage membership credentials as eIDAS compliant verifiable credentials Motivation for the project: The project aims to create a user interface layer to the Trustchain ecosystem, supported on already existing DID and issuer, verifier and holder infra tools from the ecosystem. Our main goal […]