AURORA MINDS implements a multi-layered security framework, including Identity Management (IdM) and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs). This approach enhances data security, strictly controls access to sensitive information, and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations. The project leverages machine learning techniques such as federated learning and local differential privacy to protect sensitive user data during collection and analysis, aligning with GDPR requirements. Aurora Minds adopts a human-centric design approach, tailoring personal data collection from a child while s/he interacts with a serious tablet animation game to cater a unique ADHD risk assessment process


Anastasios Manos

CEO, ICT background

Despina Elisabeth Filippidou

ICT & Informatics Phd, PMO

Vasiliki Liagkou

Assistant Professor / Security & Privacy Senior ICT Manager

Sofia Sakka

PhD candidate at Security & Privacy Researcher

Dimitris Salmas

Senior Software engineering Research

Panagiotis Hadjidoukas

Associate Professor/ AI & High-Performance Computing Senior ICT Manager



DOTSOFT SA is a dynamic, Greek SME Information Technology and Communications services provider, offering IT services to the public and private sector, in Greece and Europe. Customers include government institutions, multinational corporations, public administrations and multinational companies, research and academic institutes.


University of Ioannina

Laboratory of Knowledge & Intelligent Computing that covers the educational, teaching and research needs of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications