TrustChain at IEEE Blockchain 2024

call for papers

Calling for papers! We accept a
small number of papers (around 8 at most) for oral presentations and have thematic panel sessions to discuss emerging socio-technical and policy issues at TrustChain 1st International Workshop on Fostering a Human-Centered, Trustworthy and Sustainable Internet Workshop

Shaping the future of Blockchain Standards in Europe – Consultation to support the Landscape & Gaps analysis report in SEEBLOCKS project

[Shared from website] is launching an online consultation on the blockchain and distributed ledgers technology (DLT) domain: this is a valuable opportunity for you to help us in the shaping of the “Landscape & Gap analysis Report” and to give a contribute to the development of future blockchain Standardisation in Europe. is dedicated […]

Seize the Opportunity: Offers €300,000 in Funding for Blockchain/DLT Standardisation

Press Release project has announced a funding opportunity of €300,000 for Blockchain/DLT Standardisation specialists. The initiative aligns with the recent joint statement by the European Commission and the UK, solidifying the UK’s association with Horizon Europe.  The funding, distributed across four Selection and Engagement Procedures (SEPs), presents a chance for blockchain specialists to contribute to […]

European Blockchain Convention: A Glimpse into TrustChain’s Experience

The European Blockchain Convention (EBC) has been a cornerstone in connecting the blockchain ecosystem in Europe for the past six years. Born with a mission to accelerate the blockchain ecosystem on the continent, EBC has grown exponentially since its inception in 2018 in Barcelona. Over the years, it has welcomed thousands of attendees, including leading […]

EU Blockchain Week 2023: A Confluence of Minds in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Recap of EU Blockchain Week 2023 in Ljubljana: Dive into key insights from blockchain experts, TRUSTCHAIN’s significant contributions, and the event’s emphasis on collaboration, sustainability, and the future of Web3. Join us as we reflect on this transformative gathering