EU Blockchain Week 2023: A Confluence of Minds in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The European Blockchain Week 2023, held on October 6th and 7th in Ljubljana, Slovenia, was a remarkable two-day event that convened the Blockchain community from across Europe and beyond. This event was organized as a collaboration between the University of Ljubljana, the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum, the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development, and the Technology Park Ljubljana.

Likewise, the event was a testament to the growing interest and engagement in blockchain topics, with experts from various domains sharing their insights during panel discussions. Notable contributors included Pierre Marro, Dr. Charis Savvides, Patrick Hansen, Marina Markežič, Mariana de la Roche, and many others who enriched the discussions on policy-making, education, skills, sustainability, and more.

A few members of the TrustChain project also contributed to or participated in the event. Prof. dr. Vlado Stankovski, TrustChain’s technical coordinator had the distinct honor to open the event, setting the tone for two days of insightful discussions and collaborations. Additionally, the project coordinator, Caroline Barelle, PhD, contributed to a compelling panel discussion on the vital subject of interoperability among blockchain platforms.

With TrustChain’s proactive participation, the event underscored the project’s dedication to propelling next-generation internet technologies and nurturing collaboration in this swiftly transforming domain. The EU Blockchain Week 2023 was not just an event but a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and partnership creation.

More information about the event is available on this link.

Where to meet us next? TrustChain team will be at the European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona 25-26 October 2023!

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