Shaping the future of Blockchain Standards in Europe – Consultation to support the Landscape & Gaps analysis report in SEEBLOCKS project

[Shared from website] is launching an online consultation on the blockchain and distributed ledgers technology (DLT) domain: this is a valuable opportunity for you to help us in the shaping of the “Landscape & Gap analysis Report” and to give a contribute to the development of future blockchain Standardisation in Europe. is dedicated to ensure that future Standardisation efforts reflect the European interests and values and, ultimately, contribute to the blockchain chapter as part of the Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation. This plan is updated annually and lists all the topics identified as EU policy priorities where Standards and ICT technical specifications ought to play a key role in the implementation of the policy.

Input from different stakeholders is essential to ensure that this ambitious initiative can have an impact in Europe according to their needs and expectations from their professional field, while building a shared, co-created and collective vision that benefits all and guarantee that European interests are considered. The contributions will be used to develop a “Landscape and gap analysis report on Blockchain/DLT Standardisation”, which will be forward proposed to the European Commission endorsement.

The online consultation closes on Wednesday 10 January.

The survey takes 10 minutes to complete. For more information visit SEEBLOCKS project website. To take the survey follow this link.

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