TrustChain Open Call Webinar #2

TrustChain OC1 Webinar 2 announcement

The first TrustChain webinar for the Open Call #1 where was an introduction of the project and how we ensure the implementation of user-centred approach in TRUSTCHAIN; taking care of ethics aspects in TRUSTCHAIN issues around ARF/digital wallet. In the second webinar which will be held on 27 March 2023, at 11 am CEST (online) […]

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Evaluators for TrustChain OC#1

Calling all experts with experience in evaluating EU funded projects!   TRUSTCHAIN aims to set up an External Poll of Evaluators (EPE) to support the review process of the proposals received from the first TRUSTCHAIN open call – Decentralised Digital Identity. The EPE gathers a set of recognized independent experts highly knowledgeable on different NGI […]

TrustChain Open Call 1 – Webinar #1 [watch]

TRUSTCHAIN, a digital initiative focused on trustworthy digital identities and data, held its first webinar on February 27th, 2023, with 60 participants in attendance. The webinar highlighted the distribution of €1,755,000 among up to 15 selected projects for the Open Call 1 (OC1) on “Decentralised Digital Identity.” The webinar’s agenda also covered various topics such […]

TrustChain Open Call webinar #1

First webinar to introduce Trustchain project and its Open Call #1

Calling all developers, innovators, researchers, SMEs and entrepreneurs! € 1 ,755, 000 will be distributed among (up to) 15 selected projects! Trustworthy digital identities and data are the focus of this TRUSTCHAIN Open Call 1 (OC1) on “Decentralised Digital Identity”. In the first webinar dedicated to the Open Call #1, TrustChain consortium will present and discuss: TRUSTCHAIN […]

Press Release: TrustChain is open to applications!

Applications for TrustChain are open

TrustChain project started in January 2023 to address the inherent challenges within the current centralised Internet architecture that is not transparent to the user, does not protect the privacy-by -default and does not scale well through 5 Open Calls and an overall budget of €8,775M.  € 1 ,755,000 will be distributed in the Open Call #1 […]

Press Release

TrustChain project successfully launched TrustChain – Fostering a Human-Centered, Trustworthy and Sustainable Internet is a project funded by Horizon Europe EU’s research and innovation programme, under the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. The spirit of the first-generation Internet based on individual freedom, material progress, and moral community is slowly turning into individualism, materialism, and moralism, […]