TrustChain Open Call 2 results: funding 15 new projects to build the Next Generation Internet!

Meet the 15 teams that will define, upgrade/extend the state-of-the-art in creating trustworthy online platforms that preserve user’s data privacy and provide strong data governance frameworks.     As the result of the Open Call #2 with focus on “User Privacy and Data Governance”, 15 teams were selected based on their ideas, knowledge, skills and growth vision […]

Press Release: TrustChain Open Call #2 is open to applications!

TrustChain project started in January 2023 to address the inherent challenges within the current centralised Internet architecture that is not transparent to the user, does not protect the privacy-by -default and does not scale well through 5 Open Calls and an overall budget of €8,775M.  Trustworthy online platforms that preserve user’s data privacy and provide […]

TrustChain Open Call 1 – Webinar #1 [watch]

TRUSTCHAIN, a digital initiative focused on trustworthy digital identities and data, held its first webinar on February 27th, 2023, with 60 participants in attendance. The webinar highlighted the distribution of €1,755,000 among up to 15 selected projects for the Open Call 1 (OC1) on “Decentralised Digital Identity.” The webinar’s agenda also covered various topics such […]