SURE (Synthetic Data: Utility, Regulatory compliance, and Ethical privacy) is spearheaded by Clearbox AI, aimed at addressing AI’s privacy challenges by developing an open-source library for auditing  and improving the privacy and utility of synthetic data. SURE targets the financial and healthcare sectors, providing them with tools to manage data privacy without compromising on utility. Its user-friendly interface allows even those with minimal AI knowledge to evaluate and test anonymized and synthetic datasets, thereby democratizing secure and privacy-preserving data solutions. As AI’s role in the economy expands, SURE’s contribution towards a privacy-centric, open-source synthetic data library is crucial for responsible AI adoption across various industries.


Dr. Shalini Kurapati

Co-founder at Clearbox AI, combining expertise in Technology, Policy, and Management, with a strong background and global professional experience in AI, Data privacy, Ethics, and Stewardship across multiple sectors.

Dr. Luca Gilli

Chief architect behind Clearbox's AI technology, with a PhD in computational mathematics from Delft University of Technology, and with a strong international expertise in Generative AI, Uncertainty Quantification, and Statistical Validation techniques for Trustworthy AI.



Synthetic Data Solutions provider for privacy, data augmentation, and fairness.