MorphMetro aims to create an open-source solution for secure data exchange and analysis in quality assurance across various industries. The project focuses on developing a system for the secure, privacy-preserving transfer and analysis of measured data, utilizing emerging technologies and standards, like homomorphic encryption, European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI) and Alastria blockchain.

The project addresses the lack of a universally accepted protocol for structuring and disseminating measurement data. It seeks to ensure data security and privacy (especially when measured data may contain Personally Identifiable Information – PII, and thereby comply with metrology regulations and standards.


Kruno Miličević

Metrology specialist dedicated to digital transformation in measurement science and its applications.

Davor Vinko

R&D specialist focused on applied cryptography, encryption algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Goran Horvat

Consultant for Information security, Cybersecurity, ICT, IoT, Blockchain | Founder at MindMint Solutions | Auditor ISO/IEC 27001.

Ivica Lukić

Computer engineer/scientist with a research focus on blockchain and smart cities, with a passion for web technology.

Mirko Kohler

Researcher with a research focus on blockchain technology, particularly in the areas of transparency use cases.


Random Red Ltd.

Random Red is a company specializing in R&D, focusing on digital transformation in measurement science, and engaged in innovative projects in artificial intelligence, blockchain and other emerging technologies.


MindMint Solutions Ltd.

MindMint Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to the implementation of information security and management system standards and frameworks by providing consulting services with the aim of improving your business.