The eIDAS compliant issuer platform enables professional associations to issue and manage membership credentials as eIDAS compliant verifiable credentials


Filipe Veiga

Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of WalliD

Vitor Viana

Digital ID expert and co-founder of WalliD

Guilherme Arsénio

Full stack developer at WalliD

Beatriz Pereira

UX/UI at WalliD

Nuno Lima da Luz

President of APBC and lawyer at Cuatrecasas. Specialised in IP and EIDAS.

José Reis dos Santos

Business consultant and president of Bloq4U


WalliD S.A.

WalliD is an aggregator digital ID protocol with enterprise solutions

Website: https://wallid.io/

Associação Portuguesa de blockchain e criptomoedas - APBC

APBC is the leading profession association of Portuguese Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies in the country

BTC- Bloq4U

Blo4U is a consultancy firm dedicated to help companies to enter the cryptoeconomy and the Web3 space, and to provide organizations, institutions, companies, startups and corporations with the necessary tools and means to better understand and integrate the impact of the (new) data economy on their business models, in order to benefit from the implementation of industry 4.0 technologies around Web3

Website: https://blockchainportugal.pt/