Project DUME goal is to redefine digital media sharing by prioritizing user privacy, security, and control. Born from the Theia Vision digital platform, DUME addresses the critical need for data sovereignty in our increasingly digital world. Central to its mission is the transition from the traditional centralized data handling model to a decentralized architecture, empowering users to manage their data through personal data pods.

At the heart of DUME is the extension of the Solid Protocol, tailored to manage extensive media datasets, including high-resolution images and associated metadata. The project focuses on developing advanced, efficient data retrieval methods, ensuring rapid access crucial for AI-driven applications. It introduces robust indexing mechanisms for bidirectional data exchange control, allowing users to maintain authority over their data’s metadata. Furthermore, DUME integrates dynamic data versioning to handle the continuous influx of new media content.

DUME’s integration with Theia Vision is pivotal, enhancing the platform’s capabilities while safeguarding user privacy and data control. The project’s commitment to user empowerment is assured by its approach to data privacy and security, addressing prevalent concerns in our digital era. 

As an open-source protocol, DUME invites collaboration, fostering innovation and broad adoption. Its implications extend beyond Theia Vision, offering a versatile framework applicable to various digital platforms dealing with large-scale media data. Project DUME is not just a technological advancement; it’s a step towards a more decentralized, secure, and user-centric digital ecosystem, aligning technological progress with the core values of user privacy and autonomy.


Nuno Rodrigues

PhD in Computer Science, is a seasoned leader in digital project management, with a rich background in national and European research initiatives.

João Feixa

MSc in Mechanical Engineering, excels as a systems optimization specialist and serves as the Commercial Director at Logimade, combining technical expertise with commercial experience.

André Torneiro

MSc holder in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, he is a skilled full-stack developer, specializing in back-end systems and integration.

Andreia Faria

PhD in As Logimade's B2B Area Manager, she brings extensive commercial experience, driving sales and forging strategic partnerships in relevant private sectors.

Inês Almeida

B2G Area Manager at Logimade, excels in selling digital smart city solutions to public entities, leveraging her substantial commercial experience.

Magda Duque

With over two decades in administration and client communication, is the Corporate Operations Manager at Logimade, ensuring smooth operations and client satisfaction.

David Aveiro

PhD in Computer Science and Information Systems Engineering, is a professor at the University of Madeira and senior researcher at ARDITI having a vast publication track record and experience in coordination of research projects involving themes of enterprise engineering, business modelling, digital innovation, among others.

Duarte Pinto

MSc in Software Engineering and certified FIWARE expert that works as a Researcher at ARDITI. His research domains include enterprise engineering, open-source smart solutions, information systems, e-government, open data, digital twins, data spaces, and FIWARE.

Dulce Pacheco

Researcher and professor with a PhD in Psychology, who possesses robust analytical and managerial skills. Her distinguished research portfolio is centred on organizational settings, highlighting her expertise in the evaluation of user feedback.



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