DID-IMP is leveraging blockchain technologies to remove the need for a classical hierarchical structure with players like the Certificate Authority (CA) and the Registration Authority (RA). We replace these administrator-like trusted third parties (RA & CA) with a feeless blockchain smart contract. The blockchain is also used as a Certificate Store on which services providers can issue and manage revocable certificates and credentials. Such a lean architecture is especially well adapted for Internet of Things (IoT) Secure Automatic Data Sharing SADS. Indeed, SADS can be used in various ways to simplify and streamline data sharing processes, and to secure and trace data transfers. Some of the main use cases include connected cars, remote healthcare, cognitive cities or energy management. In a nutshell, we build a Trust Chain for IoT secure data sharing, bringing better traceability to data, securing their flow and allowing companies to reduce administrative overhead, save time and money, and offer a better protected data sharing experience for final customers. Indeed, users can retain ownership and control over their IoT data while granting access to specific parties through permissioned credentials. Additionally, our SADS-enabled solution can help to manage the flow of sensitive data and the compliance to the new European and Global regulations, thanks to the native traceability features provided by blockchain technologies combined with the process proposed by this DID-IMP project, which implies a traced blockchain transaction for each data transfer, also tracking the main regulatory characteristics of the data exchanged.


Benoît Maïsseu

Founder of Werenode is Dipl. Engineer in Electrical Engineering. He has been Head of the upstream engineering of all Renault EV vehicles and platforms. Lately, until 2020, he was also Director of the EV strategy for the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi.

François Chiron

Co-founder of Werenode is Dipl. Engineer of the Ecole Polytechnique. With 25 years of experience in IT, he’s an expert in cybersecurity, AI, and the internet of things. He has previously developed a micropayment solution by mobile phone for Africa with his previous start-up UVW.

Evgenii Zhdarkin

full-stack software developer specialized in blockchain and IoT. He has a Bachelor of Computer Science of Novosibirsk State University. He has previously worked for Rock'n'Block between 2021-2022 and ScientificCoin between 2019 and 2021.



Werenode leverages Web3.0 technologies to build a decentralized digital ecosystem that allows everyone to share their electric vehicle charging station and optimize the use of local and green energy production.

Website: https://werenode.com