DGUARD offers a comprehensive open-source framework designed to facilitate secure data sharing while prioritizing user privacy and security. Our framework incorporates essential features such as data segmentation, provenance tracking, and robust auditability. Its modular design allows for easy integration via APIs or SDKs, and includes the following key components:


  1. Consent Management System: Utilizing self-sovereign digital identity authentication methods, this system ensures transparent and user-centric control over data sharing permissions.
  2. Privacy-Preserving Authentication Toolkit: Leveraging zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP), this toolkit enables data anonymization while maintaining segmentation capabilities, safeguarding user privacy.
  3. Proxy Re-encryption Scheme: Employing advanced encryption techniques, this component guarantees end-to-end data privacy irrespective of the data controller or data transit path.
  4. Blockchain Notarized Audit Trail: Utilizing blockchain technology, this feature provides a tamper-proof audit trail for data transactions, ensuring traceability, non-repudiation, and accountability at every step.


By integrating these components, our framework offers a robust solution for organizations seeking to share data securely while upholding the highest standards of privacy and accountability. The project will be piloted in a real environment to securely share dermatology data for federated learning for early melanoma detection in controlled set of 30 clinics, 100 patients and 20 private practitioners.


Jordi Estapé Canal

CPO and Co-founder of BLOOCK

Ignasi Oliva Corrales

Blockchain Innovation Manager

Jordi Cusidó

Research and Innovation Manager

Alfons Egio

Engineer - CyberSecurity & Blockchain



BLOOCK – BLOOCK is a software as a service company specializing in cybersecurity and DLT that offers the simplest framework to safeguard information systems leveraging web3. Its robust, scalable, and modular building blocks enable the creation of tailored solutions.

Website: www.bloock.com

I2CAT (Fundació Privada i2CAT, Internet i Innovació Digital a Catalunya)

The i2CAT Foundation is a CERCA research and innovation centre that promotes mission-driven knowledge to solve business and societal challenges, co-create solutions with a transformative impact and empower citizens.

Website: www.i2cat.net


beHIT is a provider of innovative technology and health management solutions, with experience in the management of medical institutions for governments and private corporations.

Website: www.behit.cat