TrustChain Workshop: NGI Forum 2023

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative proudly announces the NGI Forum 2023, a European Commission flagship event set to explore the key drivers for the future of the Internet. 


The NGI Forum 2023 is a hybrid event that will take place on November 15-16 in Brussels, and it promises to be a vibrant gathering of innovators, policymakers, researchers, industry leaders, and users alike. The NGI Forum 2023 is designed as a dynamic hub for visionary thinkers, policymakers, and technologists to delve into the forefront of Europe’s digital transformation. At its core, the forum places the spotlight on the concept of Digital Commons which is particularly crucial for Europe, as it fosters equitable access to information, fuels innovation, and bolsters digital sovereignty.

As part of the forum agenda, you have the unique opportunity to join the TrustChain workshop.

The convergence of digital identity and digital wallets offers a powerful combination that enhance user experience in the digital ecosystem. However, a common set of definitions and universal taxonomy for digital wallet that enable mutual recognition of digital identities have not yet been fully clarified leading to a lack of interoperability between wallets, to complex user experience, poor cross-boarder/juridictions digital transactions and thereby poor contribution to the digital economy.  

In Europe, eIDAS is an evolving regulatory framework that plays an instrumental role in shaping digital identity and electronic transactions among EU member states. Couple with a set of common definitions and universal taxonomy for digital wallets, it should enable a trusted standardised framework for any natural person/ legal entity that aims/need to use and share their sensitive data in the digital ecosystem.

Establishing such a harmonized and trustworthy digital environment within the EU, should significantly enhance the user experience in the digital ecosystem by simplifying access to services, reducing authentication friction, and streamlining transactions. Promoting interoperability between digital wallets thanks to a universal taxonomy and through digital identity should facilitate smoother cross-border and cross-jurisdictional digital transactions, ultimately contributing to a more vibrant and inclusive digital economy in Europe. 

TrustChain workshop will focus on:

  • investigating the challenges that prevent till now the set up of this harmonised framework in particular related to users fundamental needs, privacy, security, standards, interoperability;
  • identifying potential common set of definitions for a universal taxonomy of digital wallets to enable mutual eID recognition, facilitate interoperability and seamless interactions between wallet and finally facilitate and enhance user experience in the digital ecosystem; and
  • gathering key takes away for developers and policy makers in order to maximise scalability and adoption of digital identity and wallet(s) across Europe.

The workshop will take place on the November 16, 2023 at 15:20 to 16:20 [Brussels time]

In order to join us, make sure you register for the NGI forum here.

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