TrustChain Open Call 4 webinar #2

Calling all developers, innovators, researchers, SMEs and entrepreneurs! €1.989.000,00 to support up to 17 projects!


The TrustChain Open Call 4 topic is “Multi chains support for NGI protocols”. The objective of this OC is to design and build the gateways that will make it possible to transfer knowledge/ metadata/ data/ process/ requirements from one chain to another in a trustworthy and secure manner. Interoperability across multiple chains, privacy by design, trustworthiness by design, scalability, greenness, openness, and legal compliance should be carefully considered.

Webinar #2 was held place on June 24, 2024 at 11 AM CEST [Brussels time].

The session focused mainly on Q&A session about TrustChain Open Call #4 

During the webinar, the following topics were discussed:

1. TrustChain Project 

2. Open Call #4 – Multi chains support for NGI protocols

3. Q&A session

Watch the full webinar video:
Find out more about the Open Call 4 here!
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