TrustChain Open Call #1 – Webinar #3 [watch]

TrustChain is an EU-funded project with the mission of creating a transparent, interoperable, privacy-aware, and regulatory-compliant ecosystem for decentralised identity management software solutions. To achieve this, TrustChain launched its first Open Call on Decentralised Digital Identity, distributing up to €1.755.000 equity-free funding among 15 projects. The Open Call is open to developers, innovators, researchers, SMEs, and entrepreneurs who can submit proposals aligned with emerging European regulations and standards, and that are privacy-preserving, legal, and regulatory compliant.

The project’s second webinar, held on March 27, 2023, covered various aspects of TrustChain, such as ethics, the implementation of a user-centered approach, the ARF/digital wallet, eligibility criteria, and the selection process. If you missed it, you can catch up on TrustChain’s news section or YouTube channel.

TrustChain’s third webinar, held on April 3, 2023, offered a Q&A session where interested individuals could ask any questions they had about the project. The Q&A session was an excellent opportunity to clarify any doubts or queries they may have about the project.

If you’re interested in the Open Call#1, make sure to apply before the deadline which is on April 3, 2023 [17:00 CEST/ Brussels time].

Join the TrustChain community and contribute to the creation of a better, secure, and reliable digital identity ecosystem!

WATCH the recording from Webinar #3 and check out our YouTube channel for all recordings!

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