TrustChain EVALUATORS’ Expression of interest Call – CLOSED!

Submission period for the Expressions of interest by evaluators has officially ended on April 3 (5PM CEST, Brussels time).

TrustChain project extends our appreciation to all the experts who submitted their applications for participating in the External Poll of Evaluators (EPE). We have received an overwhelming response from experts with extensive experience in evaluating EU funded projects, and we are grateful for your interest and support in this initiative.

The selection process for EPE members will now begin, and we will take into account various criteria, such as expertise, affiliation, gender, background, and age, to ensure a diverse and balanced team of evaluators. 

We remind you that EPE’s services will be provided remotely, and evaluators will be reimbursed for their time and effort based on the number of proposals evaluated. 

We appreciate all the applicants for their interest in the TRUSTCHAIN project and for contributing to our vision of creating a framework for decentralized user-centric identity management, developing protocols for trustworthiness of entities, ensuring data minimization requirements of GDPR, and developing smart oracles to assess the trustworthiness of data fed to blockchain smart-contracts.

Stay tuned for more information on the selection announcement!

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