In progress with TrustChain application? These are the DO’s & DON’Ts

TrustChain Open Call #1 is an excellent opportunity for individuals and organizations to showcase their solutions to current challenges in the ecosystem of decentralized digital identity systems. With this open call, TrustChain is inviting proposals that address the specific challenges identified in their call for proposals. To help ensure your proposal stands out, here are […]

5 tips for a successful application!

TrustChain project started in January 2023 to address the inherent challenges within the current centralised Internet architecture that is not transparent to the user, does not protect the privacy-by -default and does not scale well through 5 Open Calls and an overall budget of €8,775M. Trustworthy digital identities and data are the focus of this […]

TrustChain EVALUATORS’ Expression of interest Call – CLOSED!

TrustChain Expression of interest call is closed.

Submission period for the Expressions of interest by evaluators has officially ended on April 3 (5PM CEST, Brussels time). TrustChain project extends our appreciation to all the experts who submitted their applications for participating in the External Poll of Evaluators (EPE). We have received an overwhelming response from experts with extensive experience in evaluating EU funded […]