NGI WEBINAR – Communities, digital rights and the future of internet

[NGI Press Release]

Join on January 25th for a 60-minute online panel on Digital Rights within the NGI project. 

Discover grassroots communities’ priorities and challenges in shaping the internet’s future. Explore ways to create a more inclusive, human-centric internet. Community leaders from Access Now, Missions Publiques, Algorights, and EDRI will share their visions for a fair future of internet.

In parallel to the activities carried out as part of the NGI program, more and more grassroot communities are being established to pursue and influence the development of the internet of the future. Their vision is often aligned with the NGI principles and points towards a more safe, sustainable, fair, and human-centric digital environment, with open source and digital common at its core. But many of their requests, learnings and lines of action may not be evident at the policy level, and those can be very relevant add-ons to plan and shape the future NGI lines of action by following an inclusive, grounded, bottom-up approach.

This panel is proposed to learn about the priorities and challenges that these communities are currently facing in an attempt to combine the resources, tools and solutions made available by the NGI ecosystem, and the capacities, energy, skills and networks of these grassroot communities. 

The session aims at embedding a societal and community perspective within the NGI, thus extending its scope while exploring synergies and potentially collaborating in future initiatives. It will pave the way for co-envisioning and co-designing scenarios of desirable futures enabled by the internet.   

You can find the detailed AGENDA and the link to the registration on the NGI portal.

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