Call for Expression of interest for Experts - Open Call #4

Calling all experts with experience in evaluating EU funded projects

TrustChain aims to set up an External Pool of Evaluators to support the review process of the proposals received from TrustChain Open call #4 – Multi chains support for NGI protocols.

The External Pool of Evaluators gathers a set of recognized independent experts highly knowledgeable on different NGI relevant topics and application domains at the intersection between the technical field (e.g Software Engineering, Network Security, Semantic Web, Cryptography, Blockchain, Digital Twin, Blockchain Security, Blockchain Protocol, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Multi-Party Computation, Homomorphic Encryption, Data Privacy, Data Governance), the Social sciences and Humanities (e.g Social Innovation, not-for-profit sector, Social Entrepreneurship, public goods) as well as any others including economics, environment, art, design, which can contribute to NGI TrustChain relevant vision.

Their selection is based on an open process to ensure transparent and consistent evaluation of the applications.


Expression of interest will be handled using the F6S platform.

Call for Expression of Interest for experts is open from 17 June 2024 until 04 July 2024 (17:00 CEST)


We are looking for experts with experience in evaluating EU funded projects and a proven track record in the technical and social science areas corresponding to TrustChain Open Call #4 objectives, which is to design and build the gateways that will make it possible to transfer knowledge/ metadata/ data/ process/ requirements from one chain to another in a trustworthy and secure manner, such as:

  • Transfer of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) across different chains. This might include the ability to execute contracts that depend on the state or ownership of an NFT, irrespective of which chain the NFT currently resides on.
  • Semantic standards and open ontology schemas that enable the effective transfer of information and knowledge across chains and allow data interoperability.
  • Mechanisms and procedures that enable the trustworthy use of digital identities across wallets, applications and blockchains or the secure binding of digital identities on multiple chains.
  • Models and procedures to support simple and seamless user experience of cross-chain functionality.
  • Develop techniques to carry out DID rotation and translation so that we can minimize the DID management.
  • Create platforms that can build on top of the existing work that has been undertaken in Open Calls 1, 2 and 3. (Details can be found from the TRUSTCHAIN portal).
  • Develop infrastructures that are inclusive, energy efficient, and usable.
  • Develop platforms and infrastructures that follow European standards.

Need more information regarding the open call? Please visit the open call dedicated webpage:


  • Get to know innovative solutions for a better share of knowledge and value on the Internet 
  • Get to know active players in the economics and democracy domains as well in the related business domain
  • Play a role in the selection of innovators 
  • Be reimbursed for evaluation work 
  • Be an important part of the TrustChain project and related ecosystem


Services will be provided remotely and will involve evaluation of the applications received, participation in remote consensus meetings as well as in the panel meeting to establish a ranking list of the evaluated proposals. All evaluators will be required to sign a non-conflict of interest declaration and a contract with the TrustChain project coordinator, before being accepted to evaluate a specific application.


Evaluators will be reimbursed for their time and effort based on the number of proposals evaluated, with each proposal corresponding to a value of €50, considering 1 hour to evaluate each proposal.


Please note that this expression of interest to participate in the TrustChain Open Call #4 – Multi chains support for NGI protocols evaluation as an external expert is NOT binding and does NOT constitute any commitment to the TrustChain project.  

The selection of the evaluators to support TrustChain in the evaluation of the Open Call will be taken at a later stage, since it depends on the number of received proposals, their origin, the domain that they target as well as the origin of the potential evaluators, their affiliations, their expertise and the balance between various criteria (e.g. gender, background, affiliation type, age, expertise etc.). Furthermore, it is mandatory to frequently change experts that support in the evaluations of proposals. 

Need more information? Feel free to get in touch: and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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